Windkanal Dresden-Klotzsche

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Representative: Uwe Schönlebe
Fax: (49) 0 (351) 284-4550
Phone: (49) 0 (351) 284-4550

NK 2

Date Built: 1967
Size H/W/L: 01 m x 2.4 m
Max Wind Speed: 70 m/s
Construction Type: Open
Reynolds Number: 3.64 x 10^5
Circuit Type: Closed Return
Power Type: 180 KW
Stagnation Pressure/Temperature: Atmospheric
Data System: PC 486, P5, P6
Data Acquisition: PCDA-System (Self Developed)
Pressure System: PSP 9100
Balances: External, Internal
Ground Effects: Moving Belt, Suction
Test Types: Ground Transportation, Ground Effects, Sports, Aero, Anemometer Calibration
Air Supply System: yes
Air Mass Flow: yes