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Representative: Dr. William Devenport
Fax: 540-231-9632
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Virginia Tech Stability Wind Tunnel

Date Built: 1940 (upgraded in 1959, 1996 and 2006)
Size H/W/L: 6 feet/6 feet/24 feet
Max Wind Speed: 180 mph
Construction Type: Closed, Anechoic (may be configured for either)
Reynolds Number: 5 million per meter
Circuit Type: Single return
Power: 0.5MW10 hp
Power Type: Fan
Stagnation Pressure/Temperature: Ambient / Ambient
Data System: Labview/AgilentVee on networked Laptops running XP
Data Acquisition: National Instruments SCXI/USB and Agilent VXI/IEEE1394
Balances: 6-component strain gage sting and strut internal balances
Ground Effects: None
Test Types: Aero/Aeroacoustic/Unsteady aero/Submarine/UAV/Wind turbine
Air Supply System: no
Air Mass Flow: no