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Representative: Ian Smith
Fax: (44) 1 (252) 39 5196
Phone: (44) 1 (252) 39 5236

5 Metre Low Speed Wind Tunnel

Date Built: 1977
Last Renovated: Continuous rolling programme
Size H/W/L: 4.2m x 5.0m x 8m
Max Wind Speed: Mach 0.05 to 0.34
Construction Type: Solid with tapered fillets
Reynolds Number: 7.6 Million
Circuit Type: Closed, single return
Power: 13.6 MWatt max
Power Type: d.c. and a.c. on a common shaft
Stagnation Pressure/Temperature: 3.0 Bar / Ambient
Data System: DEC - Alpha / Vax
Data Acquisition: Various
Pressure System: PSI (8400 and ESP)
Balances: 2 x Underfloor, various Strain Gauge Balances
Ground Effects: Var. ht Ground Plane
Test Types: Force, pressure, powered, etc.
Air Supply System: 100bar (70bar on mech. bal.)
Air Mass Flow: 8kg/sec continuous; 32 kg/sec for 6 minutes
Tunnel Diagrams & Images: