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Representative: Donald Smith
Fax: (757) 864-8820
Phone: (757) 864-9296

14 x 22 ft Subsonic Tunnel

Date Built: 1970
Size H/W/L: 14.5' x 21.75' x 50'
Max Wind Speed: 330 ft/s (Closed); 264 ft/s (Open)
Construction Type: Open, Closed, Slotted
Reynolds Number: 2.1 x 10^6
Circuit Type: Closed, Single return
Power: 8000 hp
Power Type: Electrical drive system, 40 ft. diameter fan
Stagnation Pressure/Temperature: Ambient / Ambient
Data System: ModComp, Zonic
Data Acquisition: 128 analog channels, 16 digital channels, 2 Static systems, Partial Dynamic systems
Pressure System: ESP up to 2048 transducers
Ground Effects: Yes
Test Types: Aero, Ground Transportation, Building, Rotorcraft
Air Supply System: Yes
Air Mass Flow: Yes
Tunnel Diagrams & Images: