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Jacobs Sverdrup Technology Group

Driveability Test Facility WT8

Date Built: 2001
Size H/W/L: 10 ft x 20 ft x 0 ft (3.0 m x 6.1 m x 0.0 m)
Max Wind Speed: 120 mph (193.1 kph)
Construction Type: Open Jet
Circuit Type: 3/4 Open Jet, Closed Return
Power: 2600 hp, DC Motor with Variable Frequency Drive
Stagnation Pressure/Temperature: 130 degF / 2155 psf
Data Acquisition: PAK (acoustics) and TestVIEW (LabVIEW-based) (aerodynamic & powertrain)
Pressure System: PSI
Balances: 6-component load cell, external
Ground Effects: Tangential Blowing
Test Types: Aerodynamic, Aero-acoustic, Ground Transportation
Tunnel Diagrams & Images: